~ Welcome ~

Neverland Farm is a community of horse people
dedicated to being our best selves
in partnership with horses.

With goals as diverse as an elegant dressage test,
a quiet trail ride, or the thrill of cross country
jumping or fox hunting; we work together
in a supportive atmosphere with
patience and persistence to
enjoy the journey

in a safe and fun

Contact us by email at Neverland Farm or
call Suki Flash at 802-881-8331.

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 The Alberta She-Nanigans...
Where a diverse group of past and present Neverlanders and 3 friends rented the Outpost Ranch adjoining Banff.
Julie and Tim were phenomenal hosts, the staff were wonderful, and the horses and mountains we
rode were a gift of a lifetime. Totally off the grid, totally fantabulous.
Where to next???

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