~ Boarding ~

Neverland Farm offers full service stalls
and run-in boarding. Knowledgeable
people are available to assist
with horse care

Full Service Indoor Boarding includes:

    - Feeding 3 times each day
    - Daily turnout throughout the year (weather dependent)
    - Large fields
    - High quality grain & hay supplied
    - Blanketing
    - Daily stall cleaning
    - Bedding supplied
    - Fly mask and spraying available
    - Fresh water inside and out
    - Stalls with rubber matting and good ventilation
    - Horse handling for routine farrier and vet visits
    - Administering de-wormers (boarder pays for medication)

Outdoor Run-In Boarding includes all of the above
except run-in sheds are provided for
shelter and the area is
cleaned weekly.

This is basic board. Additional services can
be provided.
Email Suki for
more information.


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